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New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

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What is NZAGC?

NZAGC is a charitable organisation that supports gifted children and their families.

The NZAGC, through the members of the National Council, provides the following support to the Branches and their members.

  • Publishes Tall Poppies Espresso online every two months, a magazine with a focus on gifted children and their families.
  • Publishes a hard copy edition of Tall Poppies once per year.
  • Lobbies government and educational circles on your behalf.
  • Organises national workshops for teachers, parents and children.
  • Supports professionals, e.g. teachers, principals and psychologists.
  • Assists parents to set up local branches across New Zealand.
  • Provides a library of books and additional materials that all members can borrow.
  • Provides an online forum for discussion.
  • Runs a popular New Zealand Association for Gifted Children Facebook page.
  • Films and provides access to short online courses to support gifted children, their family and their teachers.
  • Open to anyone who agrees with the aims of the NZAGC.

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