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New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

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membership packages for schools and organisations

Bronze membership

$50 standard fee + $95

Standard membership of the organisation per year PLUS
  • Access to two  generic courses from Potential to Performance Ltd in the online series, plus one chosen course.
  • A certificate of membership to display in their school office
  • A membership ‘badge’ to display on their website
  • Their name (and website) listed on the NZAGC Website as a school or institution with membership (for parents to see when looking for new schools)
  • A FAQs information sheet on giftedness to use with staff and parents

Silver membership

$50 standard fee + $275

Bronze membership of the organisation per year PLUS

  • 1/2 page (black and white) ad* in one Tall Poppies magazine
  • A one hour Skype meeting with a NZAGC specialist to use as they wish (suitable times on both sides would need to arranged)

Gold membership

$50 standard fee +$535

Silver membership of the organisation per year PLUS

  • ½ page ad* (colour) inside front OR inside back cover, OR on the back cover of one Tall Poppies**
  • Listing of your events on the NZAGC website

Platinum membership

$50 standard fee + $915

Gold membership of the organisation per year PLUS

  • A full page ad* (black and white)
  • One Mailchimp mailout sent to NZAGC members about your event/s or school

*Please note that for advertising, a high quality advertisement needs to be provided.   Should the advertisement supplied not be up to publication standards, Tall Poppies reserves the right to make changes to the ad using the text and the high res images supplied.  If this is the case, organisations will not receive proofs to make changes or approve, due to time restraints.

** Please note the space on the back cover will be subject to availability.

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