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EXPLORERS is a club for gifted children and their families. 

Gifted children can make friends with others of their own age and ability in a comfortable environment.

Parents of gifted children can also meet and share experiences.

One child accepted means the whole family can enjoy club activities.

Explorers is the Auckland Branch of the national body, New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC).

We are a nonprofit organisation and run entirely by volunteers.

Explorers Membership Offers: 
  • Clubdays
  • Outings / Activities
  • Older Explorers (9 and over) POP (Philosophy over Pizza) and COP (Construction over Pizza)
  • Opportunities for Parents to connect
  • Holiday Activities
  • Membership of NZAGC, the national body

    All activities are available when there is enough demand and parent support to organise them.

    Caregiver supervision is required at activities unless otherwise specified.

    Please get in touch at any time to see how you can help with an activity.

    List of Auckland Links

    Join Explorers - Eligibility 

    Parents/guardians may personally apply for membership of Explorers.

    Please provide evidence of any of the following to the Membership Manager with your application.

    • Details of the child’s learning, social behaviour or development indicating ability or potential in the gifted category: e.g., reading at three years of age or teacher/parent observation of other ability
    • Examples of the child’s work: writing, art, maths.
    • The ability to competently handle curricula standards set for an age two years or more above the child’s age.
    • Formal test indicating the child is working or able to work at or above the 95th percentile: school reports or tests, extra-curricular activities, etc.
    • more details

    Contact us

    Membership enquiries

    Nicola Paston 

    General enquiries

    Dalila Zaghal 

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